Results of Word Processing Programs and Software that is writing on’ Writing Ability

Results of Word Processing Programs and Software that is writing on’ Writing Ability


Mixed reactions have since emerged in researches conducted to identify the consequences of word processing programs and computer writing software on students’ writing capabilities. Some studies have shown effects that are positive the application of computer word processing programs. Having said that, others have indicated barely minimal difference in cases where the programs or software are utilized by students (Swan 4). This paper will in effect establish if word processing programs and computer skill can either sharpen or even weaken college student’s writing skills.

Today, computer word processing programs have eased the editing process of correcting spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes and sentence punctuations. Some latest word processors are even able place in text citations on student research papers Similarly, computer writing software have the ability to correct the mistakes and check for plagiarism of researched work. The advantages that include word processors and these computer writing software would therefore definitely outweigh the negative impacts on students’ writing capabilities.

Among the disadvantages of word processing programs and writing software that weaken students’ knowledge in writing are; first, the word processing advances the possibility of certain spelling errors (Noel 106). Word processors causes modifications that are unwanted spellchecking some errors leading to some misspelt words or confused words (Noel 106). In relation that, students often believe word processors are often correct in spelling hence leaning more erroneous spellings from them. This in turn results in more students having a lot of spelling errors within their typed or written work.

Secondly, computers tempt to substitute a person’s writing for thinking. Your whole essence of writing would be to seem sensible to a audience that is particular a particular intension (Grow 218). As Grow observes;

They first wrote down (p.219) when they write with a computer, instead of rethinking their drafts for purpose, audience, content, strategy, and effectiveness, most untrained writers just keep editing the words.

This results university students handing in write-ups that do not sound right or with no proper flow of ideas.

Another disadvantage is the fact that expressed word processors in computers enhances more of collaborative writing (Grow 218). In a writing that is collaborative different write may not have exactly the same ideas about tone, punctuation as well as rhythm of these sentences. A computer collaborative write up by college students often do not make much meaning due to variations on how different writers put down their point (Ling 25) in that case. The effect is a write up with minimal flow of ideas from 1 writer to another which limits students from expressing their writing skills in group work which require a writing that is collaborative.

One of many limiting factors about word processors is that it becomes very hard for writers to have an overview of these work (Grow 220). reviews Simply because word processors barely display more than twenty four lines of words at an immediate. This creates a no clear sense of directions hence writers end up with partially expressed ideas or recurrence of ideas.

While the utilization of word processors produces a well presented ups that are write it limits the students’ capacity to improve on their hand written work. The emergence of computer era has affected greatly students’ handwriting. Students are used to typing their work on computers rather than putting them on pen and paper, the results is a poorly presented hand written work today. (Ling 76). Hand writing is very important for student in putting across a tactile hand written idea. Hence a write up not well written limits student writing capability.

The only mentionable disadvantage of computer writing softwares is that, existence of various softwares does not have a substandard grading system on students’ writing capability on the other hand. The effect to unbalance student self-evaluation. (Ling 76). Students often concentrate on the software evaluation for their writing forgetting that the program have their limitations so far as writing is worried. The end result is a learning student generation with reduced writing skills.

Using computers in class is helpful since students that have mustered their computer keys are able to write their work pretty fast compared to a work which is being hand written by paper and pen (Hamel 1). The idea in this particular fact is buyable because in evaluating students writing skills, speed with accuracy is a component that is always considered. Thus a student is able to hand in a proper jot down with minimal mistakes at a time that is short.

An additional benefit about some type of computer is the fact that each keystroke corresponds to a particular letter (Graham 6). Taking into consideration the known undeniable fact that some type of computer displays letters dialed on the screen, it can therefore be credited with correct spellings of words. Therefore, a college student who definitely has undergone preliminary childhood education can potentially notice a spelling mistake and correct it through a word program document. This might be unlike the tactile hand written job where you can easily do a lot of spelling mistakes. The effect is improved writing skills due to mastery of great spellings (Ling 123).

Computer word processing guarantees student a write-up that is simple to revise, and add ideas or remove vague statements. (Graham 6). This often encourage writers to do more writing unlike hand written work where once an error is completed then the document that is whole to be rewritten. The convenience with which writers can write different types of job with fewer discouragements improves skills that are writing.

Computer word processing improves students’ interactivity to the matter that is subject of writing (Hamel 1). The reality that word processing program indicates when there is an issue with grammar, sentence structure and spelling mistakes by underlining where there was an issue, encourages the student to obtain additional involved to the writing by doing his researches properly in order to prevent such mistakes. Mistakes corrected often stick within the mind associated with the student therefore improving his writing skills (Hamel 1).

Another advantage of word processing is an organization that is easy of.(Hamel 1) Word processing software program is attached to other electronic sources like the grammar and plagiarism checkers which are online (Graham 7). The checkers dig deeper into the details of the strive to include checks on flows of ideas in terms of other people’s work. The result is therefore a more organized work from students.

Relation to these, computer writing software have also greatly impacted on your way university students write today. Based on Fang, an investigation conducted aimed to research the perception of a computer assisted writing program among EFL College learners indicated that;

Greater part of students held favorable attitudes towards using MyAccess as a writing tool, but were less positive concerning its use as an essay grading tool. Evidence obtained from a choice that is multiple in the survey showed that a majority of the students benefited by using the computer-mediated feedback to revise their essays. Moreover, interview data revealed that the computer-mediated feedback had a positive effect on writing skill development, particularly in suggesting changes for form instead of for content. Finally, eight of the nine interview participants suggested that MyAccess could be found in future writing (p.246).

With this research, it really is clear that computer assisted programs have grown to be more good for learners writing development. Researchers currently emphasize making use of computer aided writing in learning of second language (Fang 247). Simply because the editor function in this software improves vocabulary, word usage, sentences spelling and structuring(Fang 252). The tutor function on this program is as well useful correction of grammar (Fang 247) on the other hand. This can be an illustration that these softwares improve students writing capabilities.

Another advantage of this is that the automated grading system accompanied by this software helps students evaluate their writing development very easily on the own (Fang 252). The truth that a student can write and do self-evaluation by his score on writing, improves a student writing skills because they can constantly gauge his amount of writing at any particular moment.


In conclusion, the advantages that come along with word processing program such as grammar correction, proper sentence structuring, and students’ interactivity and others outweigh the disadvantages that this program imposes on students’ writing development. Having said that, writing software carries along more benefit of student self-evaluation that means it is more reliable on sharpening students’ writing capabilities.

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